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Ozark's 'Stereolith'

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"Does a city breathe?

If so, what sound does it make?"

This is the question that Chris Tait, aka Ozark, set out to answer with their first feature length LP 'Stereolith.' Already a presence in the Richmond hip-hop community, Ozark sought to erect a musical structure from the ground up using abstract textures, rhyhthms, and colors as the basic building blocks for their monolithic composition. Clocking in at 50 minutes, 'Stereolith' is a meal best served with quiet contemplation of the tangible structures that contain our existence, along with a healthy curiosity for the perception of vibrations existing outside the realm of human consciousness. In a world constrained by the limitations of the mortal mind, 'Stereolith' creaks the door open into a space of elevated existence and invites you to kick the door down and construct your own sonic city scape.

Ozark's 'Stereolith' is now available as a Tape, CD, and Digital Download and is shipping worldwide. 

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