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The Saplings EP

The Saplings EP is the debut recording of Rochester-based band, The Saplings--'love songs' and 'hate songs', unavoidable fate songs. Grooves of the old, sounds of the new (of course there are sounds of the old too). Horns, there are four; all some sort of brass. Push us from soft to full sound in the flashiest flash. Keyboards and Rhodes, guitar, bass and drums. 4-part R.A.D. vocals for your listening fun. Come hear our pop. Like never before. Traces of rock, ska, jazz, maybe more? Come hear the band 'cause we're coming to you. The tree grows bigger like all saplings do.
Released April 22

Greg Roberts - Guitar, Vocals
Abe Nouri - Rhodes, Guitar, Organ, Synth, Vocals
Ryder Eaton - Bass, Vocals
Matt Bent - Drums, Cowbell, Pots and Pans, Vocals
Geraldo Marshal l -Percussion, Mob Vocals
Ben Bird - Trumpet
Rowan Wolf - Saxophone
Adrian Eldridge - Trombone
Jack Courtright - Bass Trombone
Andrew Links - Synth
Brian Blatt - Science

"All The Way" composed by Greg Roberts
All other songs composed by Abe Nouri

Engineered by Andrew Greacen and Jose Varona
Mixed and Mastered by Jason "Jocko" Randall
More Sound Recording Studios, Syracuse, NY
Cover Art by Murkie
Back Cover Photo and Design by Will Cornfield
CD Art and Product Layout by BTAL

Master Hand Records

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